26 November 2009

truth is not an obstacle for someone such as me, because you see we all create our own reality

It is amazing how one's own perception of reality varies so drastically from the others around us. For example, take a person that sees the world in a pessimistic view in contrast to a person whom views the world with an optimistic filter. Both are truly polar opposites, one sees the world as place that is attempting to cause ruin and doom whilst the other sees the world as a wonderful place where the streets are paved with gold. These two people can witness an incident, a moment in life, they could even be standing next to each other at the moment they watch the same event. Neither person would be able to recall the entirety of the situation since the perception filter on reality would block excessive amounts of information from reaching the individual witness. These two people could be standing in the same room and yet not share each other's reality.

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