28 March 2010

WTF??? Please tell me our Govt. is not really that stupid. Please...

I am subscribed to several blogs (about 80) that give me everything from comics and politics to friend's drama and pron. Well last week, as you all already know, the US govt enacted a travesty on our once great country. Below is my post to the political opinion poll that was passed out on one of my blogs.

"I thought this was America where you WORKED for your dream, since when was the federal govt responsible for handing you a free ride. Mr. "I am bankrupt" at the top, why don't you work for what you get instead of thinking that it should be given to you. This bill is just going to bury us in debt like the first stimulus package and the upcoming "oops we messed up on the first one so lets spend more" stimulus package. Republicans and Democrats need to stop with all the BS and do what is right for the country and not what is best for them independently. Our government is broken and this Red Vs. Blue garbage is what has caused it. All of you people who associate with a party need to have your heads examined and your voting rights revoked. I served this country and am very ashamed of what has become of our once great nation. The Great and Mighty USA is now just filled with whiny imbeciles that want freebies."

You may or may not agree with me but that is your right as a human being, along with breathing, paying taxes and dying. I wish the founding fathers could see the mess we made of their country so they could bitch slap us and tell us to STFU because Franklin was up too late with his harem of whores and we were being too whiny.

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