30 April 2010

Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration - CNN.com

Some Hispanic Americans hope law deters illegal immigration - CNN.com: ""There used to be a level of dignity and self-respect. They were hard-working people who wanted to contribute to American society because it was better than where they came from," says Gaines, a petite woman in her 70s. "But our government has been giving them handouts for so long that now they expect them."
Gaines says SB 1070 mirrors federal law on fortifying the borders, allowing local officials to enforce immigration law in a manner that the federal government should have been doing all along.
"We as Americans have the right to defend this country's laws. There's nothing racist about protecting the country," she says.
Payan, originally from Puerto Rico, hopes the law will deter future illegal immigration.
"I hope it stops trespassers and lets people know the law is the law and you cross that border illegally, it's a crime," she says.
Payan has also been called "traidora," or traitor, by neighbors in her primarily Hispanic neighborhood who know how she feels about illegal immigrants.
"They know how I feel. I don't hide my feeling," she says. "I've already had by apartment broken into and had my car hit by an illegal. What more do I have to lose?""

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