03 June 2010

Selling Humanism to a Christian | Unreasonable Faith

Selling Humanism to a Christian | Unreasonable Faith

I questioned a very nice man yesterday who explained to me that he was recently saved. He had been told the story of God and Jesus as a child and never questioned the story. From his discussions about his early days, there were no books but the Bible, no music except what was in church and on the radio. There was no extended education and he joined the Navy during the Korean War. He is a very America-loving individual with strong family values. This man is now in his mid seventies, happily married, with many friends in the community. He is far more popular in our area than I am because he has accepted God and a promised spiritual life after he dies. I envy his assured life and future. He admitted that joining the armed forces may be the only choice for today’s American youth. Fighting and killing for America is a guaranteed job, insurance, retirement and a way to see the world.

This is a typical American man who is totally secure in his choices. I tried to locate a spark of interest in a deeper look at human values and there is nothing to spark. When I asked him about faith versus fact, he threw the old bromide at me that we should never discuss religion and politics. I asked him why and the conversation ended.

We can stop billboards for God and put up our own ads for our own truths but we cannot and should not expect a single conversion from a brain and mind who is totally content with what they learned as children.

These folks assume that Humanists have never read the Bible. If we had, we would believe as they do. They have no knowledge of the history of the various churches and how they used terrorism to sell God and Jesus. The history of the Inquisitions in Europe has never held an interest to them and Science is based on myths from outer space.

How do we approach this attitude? How successful were we as parents to stop the indoctrination of the promise of Paradise? Why do we need to?

If we take a look at what has triggered the massive wars and slaughter of people, it will take us back to “my God is good, and yours is bad.” We have several generations of Americans who believe that Jews and Catholics are the enemy. We search for the words of our founders for the truth and the interpretation of their words brought on a deadly civil war in America. It was the Christians churches who wanted to slaughter people of color including our American Indians. When this was prohibited by our Constitution, a war on homosexuals was started and innocent gays were tortured and killed. We have a man running for office today who wants the freedom to ban certain people from being served in public restaurants. Who is behind this reversal of civil rights? The Christians.

We are heading back to the dark ages. With our Christian-American values blasted all over the world, it is no wonder Islam wants us dead. We take pride in our Crusades to kill off others who never heard of Jesus. The history of the Missionaries in South and Central America is a tragedy of annihilation of the masses. It all starts when a head of the household teaches his children to massacre “those other people.” Many of our last three generations were not taught human values. They were given the information that they were chosen by God as Christians to work for the “end of times.”

In America it is now to the point of giving a litmus test to all our candidates before we elect them to guarantee that they know who the enemy is. It has been America’s dirty little secret since the end of WW2. This attitude has eased up somewhat but not nearly enough to claim that we Americans are free.

How do we become free? We can start with education.

The State of Texas has decided that the academics in their schools must include a Christian God. The fear is that their children may catch a touch of freedom from those sinners in California is being challenged by the Texas Supreme Court and should be a problem for the U.S. Supreme Court before the Union is split over freedom of religion.

America is heading for another religious war waged against non-Christians and the kick off was seen in the Republican Primary of 2008. All the Candidates had to expose their lack of belief in Evolution. The question was offensive and the answer was a tragedy.

The experiment in the development of a free nation has failed. The first generations of Americans were fabulous and the following generations were the developers of scientific discoveries that would lead the world in many subjects. We went from the horse and buggy to men walking on the moon.

A similar growth was seen in the Middle East where we all recognized the growth of math and science and in Europe where art and music brought on our culture. What happened?

The Catholics hit Europe and music, art, architecture all fell under the rules of the Pope; in the Middle East Mohammad took over the science and development of the Muslims. In America the Christians began to promote prohibitions of freedom of religion and the development stopped except in the development of killing and torture weapons. Many writers have exposed this destruction of the human mind that will destroy our planet.

When will it stop? If one takes a look at which God out numbers the others, the Christians will win in anticipation of Armageddon. This is not a new fight as we have seen what Christian soldiers can do to enemy gods. It is not enough to kill others, but to demolish depictions of their Gods.

I’m sick with worry that so few humans can see where all this fighting can lead. When Rome took over the British Isles, it was total destruction and sent millions into hunger and agony. Has anyone read about this horror? Crown heads of England massacred millions of humans when the Pope tried to issue laws on the Tudors. Even the art of the Renaissance was in jeopardy. Slaughter of humans hit a new high under the various Popes who tried to change humans into clones of the saints. These books are covered in dust in many libraries where people have no interest in human values.

It is long past the time when all humans must talk about religion and politics. What is it in their minds that cannot explain what and why they believe as they do? I understand blind faith but not blind killing of innocent people. I understand people wanting to sell Jesus to their children but how can they explain the consequences for killing innocents? The answer is that in the minds of Christians there are no innocent people.

What do we do?

My hope for humanity is that the next 3 generations can see through the hypocrisy of the churches, mosques and temples. I believe that this will erupt in America and the rest of the world will join us in dividing our species into groups who will fight for the end of civilization. Winner gets into heaven.

The problem is that there is no place left for Humanists. I will never take up a weapon to kill another human. Of course I am at the end of my life and my kids are survival trained to protect themselves. The human species has lost by default and I can only hope someone has written down all this emotional war mongering based on superstition and the supernatural. We ignored the great Aristotle and the other great masters of logic and reason. We ignored the brilliant mind of Shakespeare who exposed the hypocrisy of his day. We ignored the emotional expression of love given to us by Verdi, Puccini and Mozart. We look at the Roman statuary in the Vatican and wonder why someone would hack off the sex organs of those glorious men.

This action should prove to all humans that our Christian leaders are sexually stimulated by looking at Greek and Roman Porn. It is nothing but poorly programmed brains instilled from childhood on human beings. It is no wonder our Priests cannot be trusted.

The future of Humanism will never be accepted in America. The whole concept of individual freedoms for all humans is being attacked by all phases in all religions.

I will do what my friend did yesterday and simply shrug and walk away.

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