09 January 2013

Fast VPN service that is super cheap and cleared as good by our underground community.

Air VPN - The air to breathe the real Internet

And no this is not some dumb auto written spam crap. I was using StrongVPN before but this one I find is actually a faster (lower ping also) VPN service and is a fraction of the price of the old heavyweight champ. Also has cool features the old one didn't .. manually configured port forwarding available via the website... kinda cool shit.

Max transfer rate so far with connection to USA from Germany using OpenVPN
Down: 24.87 Mbit
Up: 10 Mbit
With VPN
Down: 7 Mbit
Up: 3 Mbit

That handles Netflix and YouTube and blogs and RSS feeds and RDP connections with no delay.

Innovate or die... 
Good bye StrongVPN!
Hello AirVPN!

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