16 August 2014

How important do you find different physical attributes?

Personally I find different physical attributes to be beautiful. I enjoy the differences in others and embrace them for who they are and not who I wish they were. When I meet a new person, I will obviously inspect the new person... the human version of what other animals do. A short list of what I observe eye color, skin color, complexion, hair (color, length and style), height, weight, grooming habits, type and style of clothes, body language (facial and body), tone of voice, strength of voice, accent and fluency in given language, athletic ability and overall health.

Some may have noticed that I did infact list skin color... I notice the color of the fur on animals as well as the color patterns on fish. One can choose to appreciate differences if one so chooses.

We are a species with very little variability, we should appreciate all our differences.

Here is the video that triggered this post.

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